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Dear Curly,

Thanks for posting the Britney pictures.

I've been reading around the internet at people's reactions and it absolutely disgusts me at what most people are saying.

You can tell what sort of judgemental fans she has based on a lot of what I've seen.

The media is making it look like she's gone nuts. I can't stand it. I'm no mind reader, of course, but I bet she feels absolutely liberated and more sane than ever. I was never a huge fan of her or her music, but this makes me look up to her a bit now, and she's absolutely beautiful.

Just thought I'd share my thoughts on that with a fellow hair enthusiast.


Dear PB,

Thanks for your letter. Curly


Dear Curly,

I have been a supporter of your business for some time. I have bought many VHS tapes and DVD's. I have given you hundreds of dollars of business.

I am a supporter of the extreme/ bald look on women, and when done in taste, I think it's a very beautiful look.

I have however disagreed with certain things you've put on your website, but I always brushed them off... but now I feel like I should voice my opinion (and yes, I know it's MY opinion, and doubtful that anyone else who has a hair/ bald fetish will agree with me on this one), that this episode with Mrs. Spears lacks the taste that I mentioned before.

While I am by no means a fan of Mrs. Spears by any stretch of the imagination, her recent action has made me take a more objective look at the lifestyle that this troubled young lady is having to cope with.

On the front page of your website, you seem to be glorifying her actions and even going so far as to hope her fans, and even Ms. Hilton follow suit. Britney did not do this to make a fashion statement, protest something, or wanted to follow Natalie Portman, or Demi Moore's looks. I'm not doubting your account of how she made the appointment, and how the salon reopened just for her, but according to the news, the only reason she took the clippers herself was because the stylist refused to shave her head after she asked for it. The reason? She said she's sick and tired of everybody wanting to touch her and be with her. This sounds to me like she's wanting to REPEL people from her, not to attract them! Her fans think it's a horrible look for her. And if she DID do it for shock value, or style, or because she likes it, or for publicity, then why did she keep her head covered when the root- weavils that is the paparazzi began popping cameras around her. She HID HERSELF when people recognized her.

Before you or anyone quotes the 1st Amendment, please realize that "freedom of speech" should not be used as a shield to hide behind when someone has a hard time justifying their actions. I know you probably don't feel like you need to justify yours and I'm in agreement... You did nothing that would hurt someone. It just appears that you are applauding actions taken by a troubled, even tortured, young girl, and making it seem like what she did should be emulated by other females. If she had legitimately wanted to do this because it was a desire of hers for a long time, or because she just got tired of having hair and wanted to try "something new," I'd give her two thumbs up. But this action was a serious cry for help.



Dear Chris,

First off, thanks for all your support!!

Now I'll quote the First Amendment:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free excercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States

I am happy that you have expressed your freedom of speech.

Here's my take on this- I think it sucks to be famous. When I was a kid, I worked as a bus boy at a delicatessen in Cleveland. One Saturday night, Totie Fields, a slightly famous woman, came in for a late supper after doing a show, and all through her dinner, people kept coming up to her wanting to shake her hand and asking for autographs. She was very gracious about having her dinner interrupted a dozen times. I would have growled something like "Let me eat in peace!!"

Britney Spears' life is filled with people wanting to touch her, to get her autograph, to take her picture, and to tell her how to live her life. She has no privacy whatsoever. Being rich is shit if you can't live your life- go where you want when you want, or do what you want. The paparazzi are camped out at her house with telephoto lenses, hoping to snap a picture that will make them some money. They don't care that they are imposing on someone's privacy.

When Britney Spears first became famous, our daughters LOVED her, but I'm sure they wouldn't want to trade lives with her. Fame can be a killer.

Whether Britney's headshave was a cry for help or she was standing up to the world and saying "I am woman- hear me roar!" it took a lot of guts for her to shave her head, and I give her a lot of credit.


PS When you go out today, think of how nice it is to be anonymous and how awful it would be to be famous.


Dear Curly,

The media frenzy makes it hard to understand if this was liberation from the constraints of being Britney Spears or an impulsive act of defiance in the face of it.

She could have done this in private with less grief, or even done it for charity, and won more understanding.

I hope she finds some balance in her life. It's too much to ask that the media leave her alone; they enjoy the chase and the kill too much.



Dear Curly,

People, especially celebrities, should be judged on their talents- not how they wear their hair. In the world of fake hair extensions, boob jobs, plastic surgery and spray-on tans, people need to stop being so superficial.

Britney didn't break any laws. It's her life- her hair- and she can do whatever she wants with it.

Steve G.


Dear Curly,

I suspect Britney has had an interest/ desire to shave her head for quite some time. There was a scene in one of her tour shows a few years back where she came out wearing a bald cap. Whether or not her current actions are related to this, are a cry for help, or are a statement about change of direction etc. remain to be seen.

I think she looks great bald, as as I would have expected. That many of her so called fans don't appear to like it is more of an indication of how her previous looks tended to attract those who think all women should have flowing long locks! I do, however, object to the media reaction that implies that she must be troubled/sick just because she has shaved her head.

Mike in England


Dear Curly,

I'd just like to put in my 2 cents worth on this matter. This seems to be a problem with our society that says if a woman doesn't have hair she isn't considered beautiful and supposedly has a drug problem or some other mental disability. People need to wake up and accept that there are women out there that are beautiful regardless of whether they have hair or not.

David from South Carolina


Dear Curly,

Why so much media uproar over her hair? If she was a man or a black woman no one would even blink an eye, no big deal, but because she is a beautiful white woman, OH MY GOD SHE MUST BE CRAZY! The next day she is sporting a blonde wig. Would a man or a black woman do this? No, I don't think so. Demi, Natalie, Sigourney and Kate shaved their heads for their movie roles and got all kinds of attention. To me Britney looks naked and vulnerable with a shaved head, for me a real turn on. This is after all the ultimate stripteez. I am hoping a lot of beautiful young women go for the new Britney cut. Thank you Britney.

Todd in Chicago


Dear Curly,

If she would have let April do it, you would have made a ton of money. She would have also made a ton of money. I hope other female stars will follow her!!! I would love to see Jennifer Anniston and Madonna shaved.

I can't wait for April's head shave!!!


Dear Greg,

Yes, if Britney had come to our studio for her headshave, we would have made a ton of money. We also would not have refused to cut her hair. We also stand ready, willing and able to do Jennifer Anniston, Madonna and any other brave woman who believes that a woman who's beautiful with long hair is just as beautiful- if not moreso, without it.



The following is an article appearing on the BBC Website, along with all the comments to the article posted by the public. I hope you'll take the time to read the entire article as well as the comments- I hope you'll find it time well spent.


That pop star Britney Spears is having a few problems, few would disagree. But after months of reckless behaviour, shaving her head is seen as her most shocking act yet. Why?

It's been a hectic few months for Britney Spears since filing for divorce. Forgetting to wear knickers on numerous nights out, swapping clothes and partying with strippers, drinking in the street, smoking too much, driving with a baby on her lap - we've all seen the pictures.

But after all the gloating and mocking in the media, the once virginal pop star has crossed the line of what will be tolerated - she shaved her head at the weekend.

For most it is confirmation that her life is in free fall, that she is on the edge of a breakdown and in need of help. But why is shaving her locks equated with losing her mind, and why does it still have such a power to shock?

Any significant social movement in recent history has been characterised by hair, be it a punk rocker's Mohican or a hippy's centre-parted locks. It is unusual for a clique or a group not to use hair to make a statement.

"Hair is so significant because of what it is and where it is," says Dr Martin Skinner, social psychologist at the University of Warwick.

Bad hair day

"It is part of us, much more intimate than things like clothes. If you cut it away, you are cutting away a bit of yourself. Whatever we do with it is very much part of our identity."

In Britney's case the act holds so much symbolism because her blonde locks were her trademark. The cultural significance of a woman's hair means it is one of the most public sanctions that can be imposed on them by themselves or others, say psychologists.

So why is hair - particularly long hair - viewed as such a defining part of a woman and inextricably linked to femininity?

Zoologist Desmond Morris suggests that women traditionally have long hair because their ancestors, the aquatic apes, developed long hair to give their babies something to hang on to.

In recent times, he argues, that women have styled their hair to reflect their self-image, with long hair suggesting a certain availability.

Nature also plays a role. People are programmed to take notice of hair because it is a secondary sexual characteristic.

"Thick, healthy, long, glossy hair or fur is seen as a sign of good hormonal health and is one of the things animals use to select a mate - humans are no different," says evolutionary psychologist Nick Neave, of Northumbria University.

Why long hair is so linked to femininity could come down to many things, say experts. It is about youth, health, grace and movement.

Just look at shampoo advertisements, typically featuring models swinging their long, glossy locks. And look at how much the average women spends on her hair - £600 a year, according to one study. Men spend just £90.

How this association started is not so easy to answer, but it has been entrenched in what is seen as the feminine for centuries, says psychologist Lorraine Sherr. "As far back as cavemen, there are drawings of women with longer, glossier hair."

Historically a shaven head has also always had meaning - and in a woman's case, mostly negative.

It has been used as a badge of shame, often linked to sexual promiscuity. During World War II, for example, French women who fraternised with German soldiers were punished by having their heads shaved.

The reason why it is still so shocking is because it steps outside what society considers to be "the norm".

"When a woman does something like shave her head it is not what society would expect of her, or dictates to her," says psychologist Simon Moore. "People don't like it because they don't know how to act, they don't know what it means.

"By shaving her head Britney Spears has put herself outside of the box marked 'pop princess'. Before it was one of her defining features and now she is flying in the face of that girlie image."

To make sense of such an act, society falls back on more stereotypes and labels. When Natalie Portman shaved her head for a film role, she felt the reaction would be entirely predictable: "Some people will think I'm a neo-Nazi or that I have cancer or I'm a lesbian."

A shaved head being a "cry for help" or a sign of illness are "acceptable" reasons and people know how to respond. Television presenter Gail Porter went from dizzy lads' mag favourite to dignified woman after her hair loss was revealed to be down to alopecia.

Looking for any other reason would involve thinking, something people just don't have time to do in today's hectic world.

"We rely on visual cues to make snap decisions," says Mr Moore. "People lead busy lives and like anything that allows them to make judgements quickly. Hair is a hugely important cue."

Nicki Hastie, 37, shaved her head nearly 20 years ago in what she describes as "an act of self-love" which makes her feel alive and attractive.

"It's not an act of self-loathing or being mad or close to the edge," she says. "It's about doing something for yourself, despite all the pressures out there to conform."

Reactions over the years have ranged from shouts of "Sinead" and "GI Jane" to people laughing out loud in the street.

"We need to widen what's acceptable for women and men, and accept there are different layers of femininity and masculinity in one person."

She says far from it being a sign of losing control, maybe Britney shaving her head could be an attempt to empower herself.

Hair is often used as a prop to declare a change and the start of a new chapter in a life - it is just a very extreme way of doing it. But then Britney's life, played out in front of us all, has never been normal.


Add your comments on this story, using the form below.

For a man, a shaved head is perfectly acceptable. I think when women shave their hair, especially in this case, it's rebbelling against society and showing a "free spirit". I think it's great that whilst most female celebs are competing to be the thinest and most "attractive", Britney is basically saying "I'm going to do what I want, when I want and I don't care what you think about it!"

David, Birmingham, UK

I agree with Nicki Hastie. I don't think this is a sign of Britney's impending breakdown, but the exact opposite. I think this is her way of saying, 'right, no more playing around. Time to sort myself out'. It is the same as when a friend of mine coloured and restyled her her after a break-up. It was her way of saying, 'This is the new me. Look out world, here I come' Personally, I love the bald look. It creates an enigmatic air, and some of the most beautiful women I've ever met were shaven.

Alan, Bridgwater

Cutting hair to a woman here in my country is looked to be a bad habit. Why? Because women cut their hair in certain situations, like loosing someone dear because she is mourning for someone close to her. If she decides by her will to do so people will start laughing at her. It is like a shame for a wamon to cut her hair without a specific reason. Here we consider that having the long hair is a style for the women, but the short hair for the men.

kitenge loddy jean de Dieu, kalemie/katanga/drcongo

For a long time I had very short hair because I was an archaeologist and long hair, mud and hard hats don't mix. I liked it so practical and easy to look after. Not sure why it is long now but it might be that I sit in an office. No way do I spend £600 a year on my hair, probably not even £60 it isn't all that important.

Vanella, Southampton. UK

Obsession with hair and image only seems to be associated with Western culture where apparantly there's nothing more pressing to worry about. Alot of women in sub-saharan Africa keep their hair really short - its neat and its practical and it certainly doesn't obscure their femininity.

Jo, York

I find the shock at Britney's shaving her head laughable. A cry for help bceause she shaved her head? What about all of her previous antics? As a woman who has had a shaven head for most of her adult life I was bemused at best to read that a shaven head woman is objectional, not sexy. I have had no complaints. I shaved my head for 2 reasons- I am lazy and do not like to comb my hair and I am better looking with short hair which emphasizes my cheek bones. I have never had a shortage of boyfriends. So get over it!!! Much ado about nothing.

Anne, Cayman Islands

These days, I have more hair in my armpits than anywhere else. Go on girls, get shaving - you don't know what you're missing!

Roberta, Wallasey

I think the reaction to Britney shaving her head has been well OTT as usual. I think she looks visually stunning. A friend of mine said looking at her made him feel physically sick. I could've hit him. Britney is still a beautiful woman. You Go Girl!

Roberto Deavario, Liverpool, Merseyside

Maybe Britney chopped off her locks because having hair extentions and dye put on them over the years have left the hair in a bit of a state. Shaving her hair off will allow her natural hair to grow back in a better condition.

Shirley Gardner, Peterborough Cambs

A woman without hair is like a picture without a frame. It just looks odd, and detracts from the overall beauty of the face.

Robert Phillips, Cardiff, UK

I shaved my hair a year ago and was at first horrified. I kept forgetting about it and seeing my reflection was shocking.Then I became really liberated. My hair-care routine was a shower! I had never known that freedom before, being accustomed to going monthly for a marathon hair appointment to colour roots then put in streaks, then cut and blow. Interestingly, all my young male friends were somewhat embarassed, whereas my bolder male friends thought it fab. My French friends called it "Très Anglais" while my English friends called it "Typical French chic". The most extreme reaction was from a lady in her 60s. She said she felt sick when she looked at me. I did do it when feeling either depressed or just desperately in need of a jolt. It certainly worked. Maybe that's exactly where BS was when she took metal to skin. Well, you know, hair grows. Britney - you will be amazed how soon you have a full head of hair again and THEN you can choose. I have a "normal" short style now and am back to ordinary. Would I do it again? I don't think so....

Janice Heath, Rivehaute, Frabce

I shave my head aprox 3 times a year. I find it a form of cleansing . If I have any worries or concerns, I cut them away when I shave my head. It is very liberating. On a practical note, it saves on shampoo and all the other hair products on the market.

Frankie, Cornwall

I think we're really, really spending far too much time obsessing about Britney Spears's hair. I realise that by posting here I am buying into it, which may well be why she did it. Who knows? Who cares?


There are people being killed daily in iraq and we're supposed to care if some pop singer shaves her hair off? The world really has gone mad.

Sean, merseyside

A woman without hair is like a picture without a frame. It just looks odd, and detracts from the overall beauty of the face. Robert Phillips, Cardiff, UK.

Or another way of looking at is that a frame on a picture suffocates and in some case takes over the picture which is what we are meant to be looking at. I feel shaving your head can be seen, as has been previouly suggested, of a form of liberation. I notice it is mainly men who are objecting to it, and hair does grow back.

Ben Jones, Gateshead

If men shave their heads, why is it so wrong for women to shave their heads? It's a persons individual choice and should not be judged. Having said that some women look extremely sexy with their head shaved....Sinead O'Connor for one, and some men look absolutely ridiculous bald. Britney Spears has more issues than a bald head to worry about though.

Leon , Brit in West Palm Beach

I've heard lots of people say Britney is having a breakdown, which I think is nonsense. Lenny Kravitz was famous for his dreadlocks and decided to shave them all off as a new start. I think with everything Britney has gone through recently, she wanted a fresh start and shaving your head certainly does that.

Mike Richer, Didcot, Oxfordshire

The point made on the shaved head as a punishment, or shaming, is well taken and connects to strategies of reconfiguring those violent connotations. Perhaps similar to the Gay Rights Movements taking the word "queer" and empowering it as a lable of pride. How predictable that shrill voices claim Brittany Spears is having a breakdown. Perhaps she is breaking out of the chains of fame and fortune. Perhaps not. Regardless, it is a decisive act of courage AND Nicki Hastie is on the money (no pun intended) with her analysis.

Merry Gangemi, Woodbury, VT


hi curly

i have been reading the letters being sent in and i found then very amusing . first off you and April do an awsome job , now as for us needing professional help we are no different then anyone else that is obsessed with what they do . i give my wife a white walled buzz cut every two weeks , she cant wait to get scalped and i cant wait to do it , so does that makes us freaks or werdos , i doubt it . my wife get women that stop her all the time to tell how good she looks with her hair buzzed , so i say to those who think we are werdos, try it , you may like it

keep up the great work thank you jim and nancy


First let me tell you that I am a big fan of the site and your videos. I have a few of them and I think that they are great.

I am happy that there is a place with so many others who think that a bald or short haired woman is so sexy - it is even better when you can see the transformation from long to gone.

Thank you and keep up the great work,



hi curly. as one of the irish fans of your site i just want to say i love your site.

there are hardly any other hair entusiast websites and i thoughaly enjoy logging onto your site.

from one of your biggest fans

john k

hey curly,

im a psych major and we learned that fetishes like this are perfectly harmless and fine as long as these conditions are met:

1. the fetishes never make you feel guilty

2. they never develop into something you will force others into

3. the fetish never impede on another's life

just thought you may want to know



Dear VW, I'm an English major, and we learned the following:

1. The SHIFT key on the keyboard enables you to create Capital letters. These are used at the beginning of each sentence and for common nouns (like names).

2. The little dot (two keys left of the SHIFT key) is the PERIOD. Use this one at the end of each sentence.


PS I inserted the colon- couldn't help myself- it's part of my English fetish!!


Hi Curly,

Just thought I'd add my two cents about the 'normality' of our appreciation of bald women.

For me, if it hurts no one, then who cares? The only time I would consider it a problem would be if that fascination and enjoyment became an unhealthy obsession, something that causes harm to people and relationships. But that can be the case with any sexual desire. I also think it becomes a problem when we objectify, seeing only the bald head and not the woman, but that can happen with a pair of boobs. I see it as a problem when people don't respect the privacy of others, which can happen when shots of someone's charity headshave, chemotherapy, etc. are appropriated and posted to websites and discussion groups. Again, that is not unique to this particular interest. Almost any sexual desire can be healthy or become unhealthy.

Sure, there are some things that simply should not turn a healthy person on under any circumstances (violence, children, etc.), but we are talking about grown women with an unconventional hairstyle. That's pretty innocent, and really no less valid than having an attraction to long-haired, dark-haired, blonde, thin, fat, tall or petite women.

And as far as the rest of society, I'm seeing the odd bit of evidence that a woman with a shaved head is considered sexy by more people than we might think.

For me, the key to making this a healthy interest is to be open with it. It is a private, personal thing, but it is something that should be shared, at least with those closest to us. I told my wife when we were engaged, thinking I couldn't and wouldn't keep it a secret. It took some courage, but I explained it to her, shared some links, and showed her some videos. It helped to have you and Apryl as an example of a normal, healthy couple who share this with each other, and enjoy it together.

Not only was my then-fiancee not shocked, she had already suspected something (in retrospect, the artistic mounted portrait of Persis on my wall was a dead giveaway). She was happy to play along with the fantasy, and even let me shave her head a couple of years ago, and has kept her hair buzzed at times since, although she is interested in growing it out right now. I can freely visit sites like without sneaking around, and the occasional time we see a bald woman on TV, she knows it appeals to me, and we talk about it. It's great.

If we don't sneak around, and are actually up-front about what we like, none of this would seem so weird. We feel like perverts because we act like perverts.

Further to the opinions I've already expressed, particularly on respecting the privacy of women who are bald for whatever reason, and on respecting them as whole people, I just wanted to add one thing.

Your website and videos are something I can feel comfortable with. Your videos are not pornographic or degrading. The models are adults, who have signed consent forms and received modelling fees. What's more, they are treated with hospitality and respect, and allowed to just be themselves. Some of the most enjoyable parts of the videos have you busily shaving away while discussing any topic that happens to come to mind -- fishing, family, music, work or whatever. It's very real and personal, and everyone seems to be having fun. It's all very positive. These are videos I can feel good about owning and supporting with the money I pay for them.



Dear A,

Yeah, I guess that painting of PERSIS might have given your fiance a clue.



Dear Apryl and Curly;

I wanted to take a few moments to say that I really enjoy your web-site. I've been stopping by for some time now and ordered videos and DVDs. I started to read Hairforce 1 and it got me to wondering about this "fetish". I have been into this for many, many years. Like yourself, I find myself daydreaming about women in the barber chair, getting shorn. This is my little thing. My wife has gone to the barbers many times for me and is very understanding of my fetish. I, am also a hairdressser for many years, so I also get to cut her hair from time to time. I have my own little space in my house where I can cut hair. I've been licensed as a hairdresser since 1972, and am very good at cutting hair. Yet, my favorite thing is to watch a woman sit down in the barber chair and ask to "cut it short"! My favorite haircut is the flattop and the perfect ending is the hot lather neck shave around the hairline. I ask myself all the time "am I bizarre or what", this has been with me since I was young. Even to the point where I did become a hairdresser. I work construction now, I developed allergies to the chemical processes in the salon, so I had to give it up. I cannot make the money I need to survive just cutting hair, so I work this other job. I have three daughters, hold down a good job, and have been married for 25 years this year. I feel normal, but I guess some might say that it's weird. I personally think a woman with short hair is far sexier than most people realize. I think of it as a sign of confidence. Well, anyway, I want to say that you two have done a great job and I only wish I could do what you've done. Keep up the great work and I hope to see more girls in the barbershop in the future. ( you, too, Apryl, videos 71 and 72 are two of my favorites) you should go for a flattop. Thanks again.


Dear TG, I'm thinking of a barber shop flat top and head shave to celebrate my retirement- for those wanting to count down the days, my expected retirement date is September 1, 2008. Apryl

Dear Curly,

To each his own. I have three masters degrees in Criminal Justice, Corrections and Public Administration. After reading many books and a lot of psychology I have come to the conclusion that normal is what normal is. Each of us profess a fetish of something,breasts,thighs,legs calfs,face eyes etc, some of us like hair long, short, between, some like to watch hair being cut,some like it short, shorter, shortest and bald. Check out the web sites for these items or catagories as one might say. over a million strong profess to what was once called kink. If someone is into this then that is ok as long as nobody gets hurt. That is where I draw the line. If they do not want it done move on do not force the isue. Here we have a mutual agreement society of the wiling being paid to provide for the enthusist to be entertained. Keep up the good work curly and crew.For all those out there what floats your boat is the bottom line.We all have fetishes and we have all kept them reclusive, now we can enjoy and buy what we want head shave or cut or both or what ever you want. Just do not hurt anyone else duing your thing and it is ok.

OC( the original one for 58 yrs)

Dear OC, Thanks for your letter and for your long time support!! Curly

Dear Curly,

Just thought that I woulddrop you a quick e-mail to thank you for your site, which I feel was instrumental in finally getting my wife to shear off her long locks. We have been married for 13 years and I have been encouraging her to cut her hair regualarly.

Her hair is nice and thick with just the right amount of wave in it. She is always getting complements on it, which is why I think she would never cut it short like I prefer.

She has very dark brown hair that she always has worn sholder length what she called short, to just to middle back. Finally for my birthday a few months ago she was in one of her "short cycles" where her haid was sholder length. She took the plunge and cut it like a long shag. very short for her, and was great to see her go that far. She had a very positive reaction from other people, especially men that she knows.

I kept the complements and attention coming, so much so that one month later she cut it even shorter. to the top of here ears on the side and just below the collar in the back. She even got more attention from that cut, with several people saying that she should never go back to long hair.

Since her hair is so thick, one month later she is disatisfied with the way it looks. I have encouraged her to really go short. I am encouraging her to go with a one inch long boy style cut. She is actually considering it!

My message to all those boyfriends and husbands out there. A long to short haircut is exciting, but I think rare. I think women need a little time to warm up to such a dramatic change. In January of this year my wife would have never agreed to a extreme short boystyle cut, but hopefully with in the next week or so, I believe it will become a reality.


PS. I am hoping that the ease of care for a super short haircut will convinece her to never go long again!


Dear DZ, Please keep us posted on how it turns out, ok? Thanks!! Curly


Dear Curly,

I don't think there is anything that's normal . Just various degrees of "normal". One mans fruit is another man's candy, for sure.

I have always had this fantasy about having my head shaved BALD. I actually asked my stylist to shave my head, and she didn't want to do it.!!!

What is the world coming to when your own hairstylist won't shave your head.?



Dear G.C.,

How interesting- when I was 7, all you had to do was say one word to the barber- BUTCH- and you were shorn bald in about 60 seconds!! Curly

PS Do you mind if I publish your letter?


You sure may !!! My first e-mail ever published, I'm now famous !!!



Hi Curly,

Just wanted to say thanks for posting Basili's comments on the psychology of a hair fetish and your thoughts on your own interest in hair.

Perhaps like many of us, I have always been puzzled about my love of women with very short or no hair. At times I have even worried that it's a 'problem', a sign of something negative in my nature. I am still puzzled but no longer worried... and finding your website so many years ago has a lot to do with easing my mind. Knowing that I'm not alone in my interest is very much a comfort. I sincerely thank you for that.

I'll also say that you are very lucky to have Apryl (of course, you already know that!). I have never shared my interest in hair with anyone, although I think a couple of past girlfriends figured it out.

I hope someday to find a relationship that is that open and trusting, a woman who will understand even if she doesn't share my interest.

You shared your first experience with your interest in hair so I'll share mine. I was 10 and I had a typical 'school boy crush' on a student teacher. She was about 20, slender, cute face with an incredible smile, with thick short-ish, layered auburn hair. She was teaching a history lesson about American Indians.

When describing a 'mohawk' haircut she ran her hands through her hair front to back, pressing down the sides leaving the thick hair in the middle standing up, actually a pretty good simulation of a mohawk. She described how the sides would be shaved smooth, and she paused and smiled her wonderful smile, seemingly looking right at me (my imagination no doubt).

And I felt a thrill like I had never felt before. I don't remember her name and some details are fuzzy but, even after all these years, I do remember that moment.

I have always loved women's hair, in all ways but especially the changeability and the extreme styles, shaved being the ultimate extreme. Did my 'moment' in a history classroom cause it all? Probably not.

But I think it was the beginning!

Keep up the great work and I look forward to your future videos!

Take care,



Dear K.M.,

Cool story. Thanks for sharing it. And yes, I know how lucky I am to have Apryl- for her beauty, her support and her quick wit. We're both pretty strong headed, and I think that's what we need in a partner. "WE" as a group are also lucky to have her, as she's been keeping things together around here almost single-handedly while I'm away on family business.



I think the most important thing about this site is letting the THOUSANDS of Hair Enthusiasts around the world know that we are not alone. There's lots of us, and we ALL love the same thing- HAIR!!

Some of us are into EXTREME HAIR- all the way to headshaving for males or females. Others are into SHORT HAIR, and have a particular favorite style. Others are "into" LONG HAIR, CURLY HAIR, LAYERED HAIR, BUZZED HAIR.

The following letter is typical of MANY MANY letters we get here at HAIRCUT.NET

We have made a lot of friends corresponding with the members of the group, and would like to share our thoughts right here with EVERYONE.


Dear Curly,

I have been a fan of you and April for many years. I know that you have been an advocate of the female shaven head forever. Did this start for you at an early stage of your life and if so did any abuse perpetuate it?

I have had a shaving fetish all my life (I'm a 61 year old male) and have never really been able to practice on a female (my wife) because she is not willing to shave her head.

I am very sensitive to this for her and have not pressed any of my desires on her. I do have fantasies tho, and always have wanted to be in a situation where I and my partner are both completely shaved. Have you ever experienced that desire? Do you ever run into that desire in any of your models? I have seen the tendency in your site for some of your models (Kat Surth and others) to be shaved in the full Monty. I have had this fethish since the beginning of puberty and have experienced many fantasies over the years about shaving. Do you and April think this is an abnormal thing?
I have been wrestling with this for years and cannot come up with a logical explanation. Are there therapists out there that can address this sort of thing? I have always wanted to contact one, but think that I will be looked at as some kind of oddity. Do you ever experience that? You and April keep up the good work.

Thanks, M.S.

Dear M.S.,

If having a hair fetish is an illness, I hope never to be cured!!!! While I've never been able to shave my wife's head either (she would get fired from her job) she doesn't mind watching the DVD's of girls having their heads shaved and she knows how much it turns me on. She also likes shaving my head while we make love. I think it's the best sexual thing ever, but then I'm prejudiced. I see my friends around me losing interest in sex because their mates (and they) are now in their 50's and I see us still enjoying each other physically as much as we did in our 20's. If you compare notes with your friends on sexual desire you might find that WITH the hair fetish, you're way out in front of your friends.

As for how I got started as a Hair Enthusiast, I'm not sure, but I think an important event was when I was 7 years old and I got a "BUTCH'' haircut on the last day of school. In the days that followed, I pictured everyone- male and female, having no hair, and I think "the rest is history."



Dear Curly,

Basili's commentary was a great read, even in broken English. I would be interested in what he as a psychologist has to say about our group.

What is the source of this desire to see the hair being cut?

Do we really like seeing the beautiful results of a haircut or do we like seeing the cut?

Is there something in us that wants to see women degraded (shaved) as compared to societal norms (long hair)? Is there a sexual component to everyone who like haircutting? Are haircut sites and videos our pornography?

Various discussion groups have batted around this point. Sometime we call ourselves normal, sometimes we are so afraid we are abnormal we won't tell anyone, so much so we won't even compliment a co-worker on a great haircut for fear the conversation would reveal too much. I have struggled with my desires and the sexual component all my life. I just wonder what it really all means.

Sleepless in Seattle

Dear Basili,

I got this letter from one of the members of the group who enjoyed your commentary to the Millie DVD, and wonders about a psychologist's views about some of the issues related to being a Hair Enthusiast.

If you want to reply for publication, I would love to publish it.


Dear Curly,

This is my answer those questions. My English is very limited and the questions complex; for that reason, I request that you "correct" my expression errors.

A strong hug,

Your good friend,


It is difficult to know, or to explain, reason people have some certain preferences in many things of our life: a type of food, a color favorite, a sport, some personal likings, a particular desire for a woman's physical type or man, etc.
In the "essence" of our desires and of those things that we like, there are cultural variables (the social norms, the membership in a social group, the received education...) and biological (the genetic determination, the nervous connections, the hormonal levels...), but also our own experience and those "association processes of stimuli."

These "processes of association of stimuli" they are very subtle. Each person has a type "peculiar" of erotic and personal orientation that even sometimes (many more times of what is believed) doesn't coincide with the "norm" or the socially more "frequent" (we will already speak later on what is "normal").

I would ask a question to each one of us, to know the origin of our "capillary fetishism:"

Somebody remembers the "sensation" that had when us we did a picture or an image of a woman for the first time with the very short hair or with their shaved head?

Surely all, in one way or other, do we feel in that moment a mixture "extrange" of anxiety and surprise. Undoubtedly, that image produced an "impact" in our mind, and in our head repeated another time that vision. After that first moment, the arises "necessity" of seeing that image and other similar ones again. That image impressed us, us made feel something different, it produced diverse emotions, and sometimes contradictory.

But it excited us.

Then a desire takes place of "to return to see." Little by little the desire to see, of seeing again, becomes the desire to feel, of investigating, of experiencing and of having fantasies. Then, in us you "condition" or "associate" that anxiety, surprise, initial excitement and the "necessity" of "see again", with the pleasure (there is an excitement neuronal).

That desire that one makes pleasure, is an erotic dimension. And it is something erotic because you "relate" with those "people". The erotic one is the "dimension" personal, it is the form in that the "general human sexuality" (that are processes neurobiologic universal) it is made "particular sexuality".
And in our erotic matter, the hair (short, long, buzz, "extreme" in their appearance or shaving) it is a very important dimension, although non sole right (there are more things that we like and they excite: some eyes, a mouth, a smile, a form of to move, a voice, a clothes, an atmosphere...).

On the other hand, the pleasure has two dimensions or two "moments", already said it the philosopher. There is a "movement pleasure", and "a result pleasure". Some people will enjoy more with the "I process" of the hair cut, and others with the one "result" final. But a process and another is indissoluble, they are intimately united. Is it possible to enjoy one type of pleasure and to reject the other one? Do Have "sense" one without the other one? Or what the same thing is, parts of an are not "everything"?

Not in all the people that takes place "association". There is who that vision him it produces rejection, indifference or even displacer. What is erotic for one person, doesn't have reason to be erotic for another person. That is the greatness of the one human being: the variability. For that reason, also an error to think, and to educate, for that all the people have the same sexual and erotic desires. That neither it is real, neither it is possible, neither it is desirable.

And it is then when we think about that it is "normal". The word "Normal" it means "inside the norm". This means that the normal thing it is the most frequent thing (statistic), the most habitual thing (customs), or that which has settled down as norm (society). starting from here, they take place diverse errors of "interpretation."

It is said:

Normal = good

Normal = accepted

Normal = mentally healthy

Normal = what has "to be"...

And that is where the deceit resides.

The society, the social norms and the statistic says that the most habitual thing is that a man likes a woman with the long hair (is it this way?)

But nothing else.

To make interpretations of this I date, in terms of "good" or "bad" it is, in fact, an insult to the sense common.

"To be different" it is not to be abnormal, it is simply "to be different". For it spoils, many people that feel "different" in this sense, you they live in a guilty way, with anguish, in conflict, and they hide their desires and "preferences."

Do we make damage being "different"?

Do we look for to harm to somebody?

Do we have sadistic feelings?

When we want to do a woman with the short hair or with their shaved head, the majority of us feels admiration, respect and deep gratefulness to the women that have decided to cut their hair.
To that woman we say that it is beautiful, because we feel that it is beautiful, we say that she is a great woman for her to decide to "to look for" another dimension in her beauty, to experience (without damage to anybody) to be different and special. Also, many of those women, does that desire also feel, are they also "abnormal"?

That woman is beautiful, another type of "beauty" that is not the beauty "conventional" according to the "traditional canon". Well, and what? Reason not?

Where is the beauty? Who determines that it is or should it be beautiful?

The social norms in the physical appearance go changing, they leave flexibilility.

Many women have decided, simply, "to enlarge" those "limits."

They wear pants, they are executives, they direct companies (or governments...)... and they also cut their hair. And if a man can take his shaved head or shaved, can not reason make it a woman?. (Even when at some time they receive "money" to change, most of the times don't exist a want "hidden" in that woman?).

But, unfortunately, when a person "feels different," he or she can sometimes feel guilty. In the society we have been educated "to feel" guilty simply because we have sensations and emotional "matters". When people are "conscious" of that "great deceit", they begin to live in another way. Many men and many women have discovered this great lie. But, of course that in this "world" (because the erotic of the "fetishism capillary" it is a "world").

It is also really mistaken to think that the sexuality only serves for "to have children". In fact, it is what differentiates us of the animal world, in the one that the desire is "conditioned" exclusively to maintain the species.

Who put to the human being in entity world, thought of a complex and diverse being. And that nobody can to deny it, to reject it or to limit it, be a scientist, a priest, a politician or simply a person of the street. We are people who we have limited our sexuality and our erotic.


Hey Apryl,

Thanks to you and your husband for all your good work.

I have to confess there are a few tapes where I spend more time trying to catch a glimpse of you as the barber than the woman getting her hair cut.



Dear David,

You made my day!!

I'll pass that along to Curly. He might want to put together a video that has "more of me"



Dear Apryl,

Tell Curly that I think we definitely need an Apryl's Greatest Hits (Greatest Snips?) collection - both as model and barber. Plus some of the still photos that he included in your online tribute.

We could probably also use a countdown calendar on the site for your retirement from the airlines.

It's always interesting to get the DVD's and see how the actual haircut works compared to the still photos you're selecting from. It's not always the most beautiful models that are the most effective. My favorite videos are where you really get a sense of the model's personality and what she's experiencing during the haircut. Leah in Tape 1 is just so fun and vivacious and it's obviously an exciting adventure for her. (Interestingly, while she looks very good with a shaved head, I think she looks best with that flattop she has halfway through.)

Stephanie on Tape 91 is obviously the most conventionally beautiful model on that tape - and she's a great model. Very game. But I've definitely watched Amy and Glenda's haircuts on that tape more often because you can see how important the haircuts are for them as gestures of love and affection. Naomi's haircut on 178 is moving - you can see that it's a huge rite of passage for her. She's redefining herself with the haircut - no longer being defined by her long hair.

I love Pam's buzzcut on Tape 139. She's just so open to the experience, definitely taking an artist's experimental atittude toward it. (And she looks fantastic too.) Aimee on Tape 124 is also a favorite. She's so brave (as are many of the models), and just so cool and adventurous about it. Not every model looks best shaved - some look better at the flattop length or the close buzzcut. I think some faces work better with a defined hairline. But Aimee does look fantastic completely shaved. So does Amber in Tape 34 (and my is she beautiful).

The sister's haircuts on 75-76 are fascinating. Alicia gets the best flattop ever from JC. (I *love* flattops on women.) Sandy is obviously such a haircut enthusiast - and she looks best with the close crewcut. Tina clearly regrets her haircut, but it's still very powerful when she's turned to the camera with tears in her eyes.

Dawnyel's flattop on Tape 50 is great (I need to get her second flattop with JC someday). Two of the coolest models you ever had are on 197-198; Cherry and Nicole. Gorgeous women, great haircuts, fascinating to watch.

Anyway, thanks again Apryl. And give my thanks to Curly.



Dear David, I'll definitely pass along your letter to Curly when he gets back from Cleveland later today. I can never tell how soon he'll do a video because his schedule is so tight these days- he's literally doing two full time jobs.

Would you mind if he publishes your letter in Hair Force 1?



Dear Apryl,

Of course you can use my letter in Hairforce 1.

Tell Curly we all appreciate his hard work. You folks put out a great product at very reasonable prices.

Many thanks,



Dear Curly, I cannot say thank you enough for the lightning fast delivery of the great videos I ordered from you this past week. Greatest of all (so far) is Alexandria on #34. Such an experience just watching her throughout that day with you. I will keep watching HAIRCUT.NET for more award-winning video.

Peace. And thanks again for all you do. --Tim

Dear Tim,

I'm glad you're enjoying the new DVD with Alexandria's haircut. She is truly an awesome girl, and a great ambassador for BALD BEAUTY.

Thanks for your kind letter!!



Just wanted to say thanks for more great videos. The women look good with or without hair. I especially enjoyed the video with Alexandria.

I think she is the most gorgeous woman I have seen in the videos-it was exciting to see her beautiful long brown hair get shaved down to a smooth sexy head. Looking forward to viewing more of your videos. T.S. in New Jersey

Dear TS, Thanks!! I have a feeling it will be a long time before Alexandria's video gets out of my DVD player. Curly


Dear Curly,

Where can I get the same type of barber capes you use in the videos. It's the white cotton pinstripe cape you use a lot.

Thanks, Art in NJ

Dear Art,

We sell those capes right here at HAIRCUT.NET

Stop by Today's News, and near the bottom of the page you'll see the listings of all the professional hairstyling tools we offer for sale.




I'm very much shocked to see only "bald haircut makeovers in your videos.....!

Did no woman want just a short haircut,or a sexy pixie?

Do you have only from waist lenth to bald,and those who taken from waistlength till pixie/or inverted bob?

What videos/DVD's you propose me to buy?

Greetings Danny in Germany

Dear Danny, It's true that many of our videos feature headshaving, but we also have many videos with long to short makeovers, and no headshaving. Among those are Videos 8-9, 12-3, 16-7, 18-9, 43-4, 53-4, 71, 72, 77-8, 79-80, 85-6, 95-6, 98-9, 108-9, 114-5, 116-7, 118-9, 120-1, 128-9, 142-3, 157-8, 167-8, 179-80, 189-90, 193-4.

I hope this helps!! Curly


Hi Curly,

Hope all is well with you.

I enjoyed video #32-33, a 'very well done' to you and Ray! Hanna is gorgeous, both with and without hair.

Joni and Lauren did a great job, thanks for the cut-up wet t-shirt, excellent!

I always enjoy Slick Ed's videos, the shaved eyebrows were very interesting, maybe something to consider in your future videos?

I hope you and Ray can collaborate on many videos in the future. In case you do, here are a few 'nutty' ideas for your consideration.

How about a take-off on "America's Next Top Model" with 3-4 Career Images models in a contest, posing in sexy clothes, bikinis, etc. when an over-the-top 'Tyra Banks/Janice Dickinson' character says that their hair 'is just awful' and directs a stylist to 'cut it off, cut it *ALL* off!!' Lots of humor to go along with lots of haircutting!

An 'innocent/sweet' model gets her hair cut much shorter than intended. Maybe she has lost a bet, an amateur 'home haircut' gets WAY out-of-control, or perhaps she naively asks a barber for a 'boy-cut'. Whatever the excuse, she gets more and more nervous as her hair is cut shorter and shorter, ending with a girl who, surprisingly, likes her new near-shave hairstyle (we all like a happy ending!).
What if a pretty model's clothing is cut smaller and sexier as her hair is cut shorter and sexier? A long haired model starts with low cut jeans and a cute t-shirt. While she poses the jean's waist band is cut off way too low, the t-shirt is cropped way too high, and her hair is cut into a way too short choppy bob with under shaved back and sides. Next her jeans are made into tiny cut-off shorts, her t-shirt is cut up to 'almost nothing', and her hair is scissored into a rough, uneven boyish crop, exposing the shaved back and sides. Finally her jeans are cut off revealing a thong, her top is snipped away as she 'shyly' (not really) covers herself, as her hair is buzzed then shaved smooth.

Since shaved and part-shaved hairstyles seem to go with a 'Goth' look, how about a couple of C.I. models getting a hair and clothing Goth makeover? Done step-by-step with each model getting a couple of haircuts in different Goth outfits (leather corsets, platform boots, fishnet, with hair in wild colors getting shaved off bit by bit) with lots of great posing along the way (kinda like Katie in Video #22).

Hope some of these suggestions are somehow useful to you and Ray. Just trying to think of some ideas to make the best use of the modeling and acting talent available at Career Images. Sorry if I've made some of these suggestions before and I'm being repetitive and redundant. :-)

Curly, keep up the great work and I look forward to your future productions. K.M.

Dear KM, Great ideas!! I especially like the one where the clothes get skimpier as the hair gets shorter. I think we can have some fun with that one!! Curly



A young boy enters a barber shop and the barber whispers to his customer, "This is the dumbest kid in the world. Watch while I prove it to you."

The barber puts a dollar bill in one hand and two quarters in the other, then calls the boy over and asks, "Which do you want, son?" The boy takes the quarters and leaves.

"What did I tell you?" said the barber. "That kid never learns!"

Later, when the customer leaves, he sees the same young boy coming out of the ice cream store.

"Hey son, May I ask you a question? Why did you take the quarters instead of the dollar bill?"

The boy licked his cone and replied, "Because the day I take the dollar, the game is over!"



Several of this week's Letters to the Editor relate to the short story "Alicia's Induction Haircut," which you'll find posted a little further down this page.

Hi Curly, I was in the Marines and at the time the gals were not required to get buzz cuts HOWEVER my brother's girl was a WM (women marine) and she said that herself and 11 other girls of her all girl platoon got buzz cuts at the start of basic training and yes I did enjoy the fiction article that you wrote.

Fly boy Jimmy


Your story has been in some of my dreams. I don't know why. I would purchase a tape in which women received marine style haircuts. I would love to see a woman who was terrified about the thought of a marine style haircut. How likely would you be to produce a film with that story line or theme? Just an idea.


Dear Rick,

I think we can handle it!! In fact, I think you can COUNT ON IT!!

In the meantime, you might like Sara on Video 181-2 and Shannon on Video 177-8, who both got marine high and tights before ending up with headshaves.



Curly, great story if only it was true! I would gladly volunteer to be a barber in the marines if it meant shaving women and men one after the other! And I won't take any pay - just keep me fed and watered and I would be happy and content with life.

Keep up the great work

Malcolm (UK)

Dear Malcolm,

Great idea! I think we could come up with enough barbers to cover the American Marines and the British Marines as well!!


Dear Curly,

Just wanted to express my thanks for the great job you keep doing on these videos. Video 203-4 arrived in a matter of days and was well worth it. Thanks again!



Dear Curly,

I just recived the package on today morning, after 2days must be some sort of record to Poland! I checked DVD's and they are all great! Thank you once again, you're doing best vids on hairmarket and you got best customer service :)

And about spartans, if i remember good they were only allowed to marry after they became citizens, after they full military training in the age of 30. I knew that they treated family as a necesary tool, but the story I've heard you tell in vid 173 had made me stun, did they sheared they wifes or someone else do it? And leaving to the barracs after the night? I made my abbiture from history and never heard of that custom. Now I'm a senior law student and still deep in history study , especialy ancient history and would like to know where did you read about it if thats not a problem for you.

Best regards!!!


Dear Paul,

I believe that information was from a TV show on the History Channel about the Spartans. They talked about how a Spartan would shave his wife's head on their wedding night, and would have to be back in their barracks by morning, even on the day after their wedding. Apparently, the headshaving was meant to make the girl ugly to other men (wouldn't work around here), as the Spartans were often gone to battle for long peroids of time. You might want to check at and let us know if you find out more, ok?




Hello Curly,

Me again!

Started watching the new dvd's at the weekend, and just wanted to let you know what I think.

Well, once again you have excelled yourselves. The picture quality is brilliant, and the haircutting action is awesome.

I'm amazed by the number of women who want to shave their heads, and think they are more than brave to do so, especially the ones with really long hair which has obviously taken years of dedication to grow.

As you always say though; a women is just as beautiful without her hair as with it, and in some cases, more so.

Keep on cutting!!!!!


Ian in England.

Dear Ian,

Thanks for your letter!! You made my day!!



Did Christina really shave her head? How long was her hair when she did it? When will the video be available or pictures be posted? Please let me know, Angelo D.

Dear Angelo,

Yes she shaved her head- it's on Video 93-4



Dear Curly...

you'r very kind and patient to reply my request but,since discovering of your site,I pass hours at,to chose the girls of my next order (but I've to wait the arrived of my first four video without custom problem,before send my 2°order, probabily bigger than first...).

Now I ask You this...

How are the last steps of "longhaired"HELEN (dvd15)

and "aerobics"KRISTEN (dvd165)..?

Was these girls smooth-razored or not..?

Often You said DRAMATIC...What do You mean when You said "dramatic"..?maybe ther's some like the JOY "river of tears"(dvd148)..?

Are in the "SoldOut" area video full of panic and tears?..if yes,could You send me,at least,a little description of what I missed ...(maybe,in future,You re-edit this dvd..!)

Thank You again for Your kindly patience...

Your pressent and future GOOD guest


Dear Fabio,

Both Helen and Kristen are shaved with a razor. Helen goes from waist length to chin length to a chili bowl cut, then TWO barbers take off the rest of Helen's hair in less than 60 seconds. We plan to bring back some of the discontinued videos on DVD, and yes, there are many DRAMATIC haircuts among them.

Welcome to the group- I'm glad you found us!!




The following is fiction. Please don't join the Marines based on this story. The BOYS in the Marines get their hair cut to the nubs. The GIRLS don't.

Alicia stood in a line of about 20 new Marines, about 12 of them men and about 8 of them women. Without a doubt, Alicia had the longest hair of anyone standing in line.

Her long blonde hair hung down to her waist in a cascade of thick curls, and she swallowed hard at the sight of what was happenning to those standing in line in front of her.

Each new recruit was quickly seated in a barber's chair and shorn to the scalp with clippers in a matter of less than a minute. One of the barbers, the tall black one, was incredibly fast with the clippers, cutting off all of a recruit's hair in 30 seconds without leaving a single hair standing more than a millimeter in length.
The barbers didn't seem to care if the recruit was a man or a woman.

Recent changes in the Grooming Code for recruits required ALL recruits- men and women alike, to be clipped to the nubs.

The women recruits were advised of the new Grooming Code by letter, and were given the option of not entering the military if they were unwilling to cut their hair.

All those being inducted today were aware of the new regulation, and decided to join the Marines anyway.

Alicia watched as each recruit had his or her hair cut. One girl, who must have been about 19- same as Alicia- had shoulder length red hair. When her turn came, she was seated in the "middle" of the three chairs, with the tall black barber. He put the cape on her, and without saying a word, clipped off her hair with incredible speed.
He began at the right sideburns, running the clippers up and around the girl's ear in a big U shaped horseshoe cut, leaving the girl's ear suddenly exposed. A second swipe and the side and back were nearly clean of hair. A third swath, now over the top and down the back and tears began to stream from the girl's eyes. The barber, tears or no tears, ran the clippers again and again, with mountains of red hair tumbling down to the floor. He finished in 30 seconds, pulled off the cape and yelled "NEXT!"
The teary eyed recruit raised her hands to feel her head as she stood up from the chair and was quickly ushered into the next room for innoculations.

Alicia thought "Holy Shit!" as she watched the red haired girl's haircut. Just then, another of the female recruits was ushered into the "right" chair, where kindly old Charlie, a Marine Lifer, had been giving Marines their induction haircuts for the past 22 years.

Charlie gently put the cape on the female recruit- she already had short hair, but Charlie said "This won't hurt a bit" to her as he turned on the clippers. He clipped her hair quickly and professionally, but nowhere near the speed of the black barber.

He asked her "Is this your first time having your hair cut with clippers?"

"Yes," she said, the pained look on her face belying her thoughts- "YIKES!" as the clippers rode over the side of her head, and then over the top!

As gentle and slow as Charlie was compared to the black barber, he STILL clipped off this girl's hair in about 60 seconds, but after what she'd seen, Alicia was praying for the more merciful shearing of Charlie. Her heart rate quickened as she knew that in 2 or 3 minutes, she would be in one of those barber's chairs, and her long blonde hair would be cut in a terrifyingly short minute.

The next few minutes were a blur...

"NEXT" said the black barber, and Alicia was a bit startled to realize that SHE was NEXT in the chair of the black barber.

"OH SHIT!" she gulped below her breath as she walked on wobbly legs the few steps to the chair and sat down. The black barber quickly snapped on the cape, started the clippers, and ran them around her ear. Alicia watched in the mirror as a giant mound of long blonde hair came sliding down the vinyl cape and "WHOOSH" to the floor.

"OH MY GOD!" she thought. The clippers relentlessly ran over the second swath, another massive mound of blonde hair whooshing down to the floor. Alicia started to cry at the sight of the next swath, clipping right down the middle all the way from the forehead to the nape of her neck. Alicia's vision was blurry as the rest of her long hair was clipped off. The entire haircut would be the subject of Alicia's nightmares for weeks to come.
When she first felt her "nubs" as she slowly got out of the barber's chair, Alicia thought "OK, I knew this was going to happen." She was surprisingly calm about having no hair, since all the other recruits had the same haircut. Also, the training left little time for worrying about having no hair.

Still, she felt naked without her long hair.

Alicia's "squad" consisted of 20 female Marines, ranging in age from 18 to 24, with Alicia among the youngest, having joined the Marines just one year out of high school. She attended the local Community College, but wanted to do something more dramatic. Several of her friends had joined the Marines, and she had visited with them while they were on leave. When Alicia made the decision to join the Marines, her mind was made up, and those who tried couldn't talk her out of it.

With three older brothers, Alicia had grown up more boy than girl, and the Marine training was a great challenge for Alicia, and she excelled at it from Day 1. She could do more push-ups than any of the boys, and had amazing speed and stamina on the obstacle course.

About three weeks into their Boot Camp training, the squad was marching, and without warning, the order "Left March," was shouted out by the Drill Sergeant, and the squad marched left- into the camp barber shop, scene of the hair massacre on induction day. "OH SHIT" thought Alicia as she saw where they were suddenly being marched. Her hair had grown out to a nice fuzz and actually covered her scalp.
She gulped hard as she realized that her worst nightmare was about to have a sequel- "Son of Bald Alicia." None of the girls looked at all pleased as they were shorn, perhaps even faster than the first time.

When Alicia's turn came, "LUCKY ME" she thought, "IT'S THE BLACK BARBER!!"

Yes, there was that empty chair, the black barber whipping it impatiently a few times as Alicia stepped toward the chair. She quickly sat down, the cape was quickly snapped on, and the clippers went to work. No tears came this time as Alicia watched unhappily as all her hair was clipped off with the black barber's ruthless enthusiasm!!
"Back to bald," she thought as she got out of the barber's chair, rubbing her new nubs.

For the record- The twenty girls marched into the barber shop at 8:14. With three barbers working at normal speed, at 8:20, the squad marched out of the barber shop, all twenty of them freshly clipped to the scalp.

Now Alicia had two nightmare haircuts to occupy her nights, and for the next several weeks, her nightmares would alternate from the first haircut to the next. The 30 second haircuts seemed to take hours in the dreams, often ending with Alicia waking and sitting bolt upright in a cold sweat. This really was hurting her training, as she needed all the rest she could get after grueling days of calestenics, marching and obstacle training.
This went on for a few more weeks, and then again, SURPRISE!! The squad suddently found itself marching into the barber shop. Alicia was CERTAIN she'd get the black barber again, but fate was kinder to her this time, as she happily found Charlie swatting hairs off his chair and saying, "Next young lady." He smiled at Alicia and Alicia couldn't help smiling back.
Charlie snapped on the barber cape and began cutting Alicia's hair. "This will give your hair a good rest, no pulling and no chemicals," said Charlie. Alicia nodded in agreement as he drove the clippers right down the middle. Charlie was much slower and gentler than the black barber, but the result was surely the same, as Charlie completed Alicia's haircut and called out "Next young lady."

For the next several weeks, all three haircuts peppered Alicia's dreams like a series of re-runs, then started to taper off.

At this point in their training, the girls would not get any more haircuts. They would be allowed to grow out their hair for 7 weeks before completing Boot Camp. Thus, when they entered mainstream Marine life they would have an inch or so of hair.

For Alicia, the nightmares now came once a week, and even when they appeared, they now seemed more comical with the passage of time. Alicia actually stopped at the barber shop and had Charlie give her a trim a few days before graduation from Boot Camp. Charlie gave her a very soft and feminine "pixie" cut. Charlie also offered good advice on life and being a Marine, and Alicia carried fond memories of Charlie.

Last night, inspired to write, and having run out of decaf, I made a pot of "regular coffee" and stayed up half the night writing this story, inspired by the sight- for not more than three seconds- of a sexy young female Marine with a great short pixie haircut.

If you like it, or if you don't, let me know at


We wish to express special thanks to Tobias in Germany for his work on Die Deutsche Ecke, which we hope will be a permanent and expanding part of Hair Force 1.


Hanna ist eines der faszinierendsten Models das wir jemals überhaupt zu Gesicht bekommen haben!!

Heute wird sie eine Glatze bekommen.

Dieses geniale Video ist JETZT ERHÄLTLICH. Wie alle unserer Videos ist es auch auf DVD vorhanden.

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Was könnte aufregender sein als zwei Schwestern, denen BEIDE der Kopf rasiert wird? Cherry wechselt in Video 187 von langen dicken Haaren zu samtig weicher Glatze.

Klicke hier um mehr von Cherrys Kopfrasur auf Video 187-8 zu sehen

Sie überredet dann ihre Schwester Tina sich auch eine Glatze verpassen zu lassen und beide bekommen dann in Video 197 - genannt "Cherrys Rache" - den Kopf rasiert.


Ein Mann geht zum Zahnarzt und nachdem der Zahnarzt ihn untersucht hat sagt dieser "der Zahn hier muss raus. Ich werde Ihnen eine Betäunungsspritze geben und in ein paar Minuten dann zurück sein.

Der Mann ergreift den Arm des Arztes und sagt: "Auf keinen Fall. Ich hasse Nadeln. Das geht auf keinen fall."

Der Zahnarzt sagt: "Ok. Dann nehmen wir das Lachgas."

Darauf der Mann: "Geht nicht. Danach ist mir immer für mehrere Tage übel.

Kein Gas!"

Der Arzt geht kurz weg und kommt mit einem Glas Wasser zurück. "Hier" sagt er "Nehmen sie diese Pille"

Der Mann fragt: "Was ist das?"

Der Arzt: "Viagra"

Der Mann ganz erstaunt: "Wird mir das die Schmerzen nehmen?"

"Nein" antwortet der Arzt, "aber dann können sie sich an etwas festkrallen wenn ich ihnen den Zahn ziehe."


Trisha, wird gleich einen neuen Schnitt bekommen. Klicke hier um ein kurzes Vorschau-Video anzusehen

Ziemlich überraschend hat sie sich ihre Haare tatsächlich zu einem lippenlangen Bob mit Pony schneiden lassen. Klicke hier um mehr von Trishas Video zu sehen



Hey Curly, mein Paket kam am Montag an und aht meine Erwartungen wieder voll erfüllt. Ich möchte euch für die Zeit und den Aufwand die ihr in eure Arbeit steckt danken. Nochmals Danke für das Angebot dass ihr uns alle bietet.

Macht weiter so mit eurer genialen Arbeit,,,,,


Halle Mike,

Ich frue mich dass dir die Videos gefallen. Danke für den freundlichen Brief. Curly


Liebe Curly: KAT IST GENIAL!!! Einfach atemberaubend! Vidoe 10 mit Kat ist das beste Headshaving-Video das jemals gemacht wurde. Ich bin überwältigt von Länge, Qualität und vor allem von Kat. Dieses Video, oder eigentlich DVD, ist einfach unglaublich.

Ich gratuliere dir zu dieser tollen Aufzeichnung. Leider bin auch etwas betrübt weil ich glaube dass es für jeden unmöglich sein wird das Video zu verbessern Danke, G.M.

Hallo G.M., Danke für deine Beitrag - ganz meiner Meinung!! Ich verde deine email an Kat weiterleiten - Ich bin sicher sie wird sich freuen. Curly

Hi Curly,

Got the DVD in and DVD is the only way to go. With control over playing speed and magnification routines, you can really enjoy your videos. Nice work all around the Canon GL1's are definitely better at capturing clear digital video. One thing I would have liked to have seen in the first two models is their cut hair hitting the floor and the floor after all is done and before you sweep it up. I have seen stills of this on other sites and it is quite a sight at how much hair is cut off and laying on the floor. I know you have shown this in other videos and I know you can't have the cameras moving around that much and catch all of the action.

Overall excellent work indeed. J.C.

Dear J.C., I'm glad you're enjoying the DVD's. As for hair on the floor, I can certainly show more of that!! As for the Canon GL1, it is the "youngest" of our cameras at nearly 5 years old, and has been spending a lot of time in the repair shop lately. We hope to upgrade to the Canon GL-2 in the coming months, and start retiring our old cameras. Curly

Hello there, my name is Paul and I would like to ask you a few questions about your videos. I just discovered your site and I must say it is very organized. The site content is great.

Keep up the great work.

I was wondering if you offer ALL your videos on DVD?? From what I have heard they seem to be top notch!!

If you can back to me as soon as you can. Thank you for your time. Paul

Dear Paul, We're glad you found us. Welcome!! And yes, all our videos are available on DVD. Curly




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