DVD 219



Editor's Note- All the women appearing on this DVD are professional actresses. The haircuts are done in the "forced haircut" theme. The acting is very good, and the tears are real, but we assure you that no "buff young babes" were harmed during the filming.

This is my story:

October 2nd. My birthday.

"Happy Birthday, Maria," I think, as I report to the Central Courthouse to begin a 4 month jail sentence for prostitution. My editor has talked me into going undercover to investigate charges of prisoner abuse at the Via Di Reforma Prison.

"I must be crazy," I say to myself.

"Maria Gambrelli," I say to the uniformed guard at the entrance to the detention area. I am led into a large cell. The heavy iron-barred door slams behind me. I shudder with fear, knowing I am now a prisoner.

Concealed in the handle of my hairbrush are 2 miniature videocameras, which will transmit a signal to a van parked outside the prison.

(Left- Reporter Maria Gambrelli has her hair cut by the warden)

There are several other women in the cell, all waiting to be transported to the Via Di Reforma prison to serve their sentences. The women range from a few hardened criminals to first time offenders- in their late teens or early 20's.

(Left- Lisa is forced to cut the first piece of her hair)

Several of the girls huddle around Gina, a street-wise 22 year old who has spent time at Via Di Reforma. She informs the others of the routine upon entering the prison. "You will all have your hair cut," she says. "Then you will be strip searched and given prison uniforms."

She went on to say that the warden and the guards were very strict, and that violation of any of the rules would result in severe punishment.

Then a guard came along, opened the massive barred door to the cell and said, "Come with me." We all went with the guard, into a courtyard, where an old gray bus with the word "PRIGIONE" printed on the side, waited to take us to prison.

(Left- Patrizia is about to have her hair cut by the warden. Poor girl. She cried bitter tears throughout the haircut)

The windows on the bus were covered with bars to prevent escape. The bus rumbled out into the streets of Rome.

We watched as people walked along, some smiling. We knew we would not be walking the streets for a long time to come. My stomach was in knots.

After a 20 minute ride, the bus turned into a dark driveway. An iron-barred gate topped with barbed wire opened and the bus entered the courtyard of the prison. We were told to get off the bus.
The courtyard smelled of urine. The prison was old and gray, with bars on all the windows.

(Left- Juliana looks at her long hair for the last time)

We were ushered into the prison, put into a large "holding room" and the door clanged shut. Gina said they would take us for "initiation" one at a time. She was right.

I was standing near the cell door when a large and menacing female guard came up, opened the cell door and grabbed me and said, "Come with me." She led me to the warden's office, told me to sit down, and that the warden would be with me shortly.

One of the allegations of abuse was that the prisoners would have their hair cut severely short upon entering the prison unless they provided sexual favors to the warden.
I had already decided that I would rather sacrifice my hair than have sex with the warden, so I was terrified that in moments all my hair would be cut off.

While left alone in the warden's office, I quickly pulled out my hairbrush and unscrewed the handle.

I pulled out the miniature cameras and planted them at opposite ends of the office so they could see anything going on.

(Left- Bella listens to the warden's instructions. She struggled mightily during her haircut, all to no avail)

I had no way to confirm with the crew in the van outside that the cameras were working correctly, and worried that all the steel and concrete of the old prison would interfere with the signal.

Little did I know just how well the cameras would work for the next four months!! I quickly sat back down just as the warden entered. He sat behind his desk, and said, "Welcome to Via Di Reforma."

His voice was firm and steady. He opened my file, which contained entirely phony information, and said, "You have been sent here for prostitution. I can assure you that your career as a prostitute is over."
"While you are here, you are to follow all the rules and do as you are told. When you finish your sentence, you will go back into society. If you come back here, you'll wish you were dead."
I nodded quietly at the warden's ominous words. He then told me to sit in a chair at the other end of the room. I did so. He came up to me with a pair of scissors. Would he ask me for sex?

(Left- Gina gets no mercy from the warden. She is back at Via Di Reforma for the second time)

The warden handed me the scissors and said, "You will now receive your prison haircut. You must cut off the first piece yourself." Even though I knew this was coming, I froze.

I thought of telling the warden that it was all a mistake. That I was a reporter and could not go through with it. After all, I had already planted the secret cameras...

The warden waited patiently for a moment. Then I slowly reached up and took the scissors from him. I took a piece of my long hair and held the scissors open near the end.

"Higher," he said. I then slid the scissors up a few inches. ""Higher," he said again, this time a bit louder.

I slid the scissors higher still. "SCHNIKK" I could hardly believe I did it, as the scissors made a loud sound as they snapped shut on my hair.

(Left- Maria stares at the scissors before snipping the first lock of her hair. "Why, oh why, did I steal that pack of cigarettes?" she wonders)

The warden took the scissors and the severed piece of hair from me. He then gathered up my hair in back and started snipping off long pieces of it. I was overcome with grief at the loss of my long hair and started to cry. In a matter of minutes, the warden cut off the rest of my long hair.
At no time did he indicate that I could avoid having my hair cut by giving him sexual favors. I was a bit surprised.

(Left- Annamaria listens to the warden's instructions before her haircut)

When he finished cutting my hair, he led me out to the "examining room," where I was told to strip by a female guard.
I started undressing slowly, but she said "Hurry up!" and reached for a nightstick hanging from her belt. I undressed quickly, not wanting to find out if she was serious about using the nightstick.
As I finished undressing, she was putting on a pair of rubber gloves. "Spread your legs and grab your ankles," she said. I did as I was told, then suddenly felt her roughly inside me, conducting a "cavity search."
When she was done, she took off the rubber gloves, and handed me a prison uniform and told me to put it on. I dressed quickly, and tried to take my purse.
"Leave it," she said, and she then led me to the cell block and put me in a cell by myself.

(Left- Rosanna is about to have her hair cut by the warden)

"What have I gotten myself into?" I wondered as I sat alone in the cell, feeling what was left of my long beautiful hair. I also wondered why the warden had not asked for sex. That was one of the main allegations we were investigating. Had he not found me attractive?
After about 20 minutes, I heard the door of my cell opening and another prisoner entered.

(Left- Diana brushes her hair before having it cut by the warden. None of the prisoners realized the warden would sell their hair to a wigmaker)

I didn't recognize Gina at first. She had all her hair clipped off right to the scalp. After a moment, I said, "Gina? Is that you?"
"Yes, it's me," she said. "That bastard cut off all my hair," she said. "Why?" I asked.

"I've been here before," said Gina, "The warden has no mercy on those who come back," she said, and began to cry.